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Remembering universal currents in human form

I have known Iris for years, as a family friend as well as a personal intuitive. I recently experienced her Beyond Quantum Healing offering for the first time. it has been the most powerful way to work with her, to date. Foundationally, Iris is an extraordinary and unique practitioner, with unparalleled intuitive gifts. As an integrative physician who recognizes energy medicine in the spectrum of available healing options, I can say that my work with Iris has been the most revealing, accurate and helpful with my day to day than any of the many modalities I have worked in in my 19 years of professional practice and longer personal journey. I give Iris my highest recommendation for yourself or as a gift for a loved one. Iris has the ability to create safety and provide clear guidelines to enable you to receive the guidance you need. You can trust her. The experience will be life changing. GT

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