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Original Design

This service, new in 2020, combines all my skills currently in use and skills most likely timed to appear now. The timing is such that we as a spiritually emerging collective are now capable of lighting up dormant DNA in the right environment and in the right time. The emotional environment I provide you is one of respect and safety. The mental environment I provide you is a living language that reflects what is discovered from a field of neutrality. The physical environment I provide you is a sheltered in-person backdrop if you so choose, or the comfort of your own home by Zoom if this is what calls you. While I have pondered this service for three years, many creation factors needed to coalesce in order for it to manifest. We are here, now.

I refer to this service by many names: Emergence Mapping, Original Design, Soulscaping.

It is meant to be a one time investment, the timing of which is yours to intuit and act upon. The fee is $222 for a session up to seventy-five minutes in length. It is highly recommended that this be recorded. If you are unable to record, please let me know and I will record for you.

My intention for this session is to listen to and inner-see your blueprint. What is revealed is utterly unique to you, your journey here and the needs of the soul to serve, mature and grow. This session is also intended to potentially activate dormant areas of your blueprint in SUPPORT OF YOUR SPIRITUAL EMERGENCE PROCESS. Due to what I consider to be the enormity of that last line, I want you to pay attention to what occurs within you, between us and in your immediate field from the moment you schedule.............all clues, all an opportunity for Mystery to support you in a celebration of your Light. Paying attention and verbally participating are your contributions to the potential of this session.

Whatever is offered is meant to open doors and provide deep relief via the act of acknowledgment, validation and the very hopeful experience of immersion in the design that is yours to ecstatically live. My sense is that absorption is what occurs over time. Because of the collapsing nature of time, I doubt if we need long periods any more to recover the genius of our lives as designed.

*****NEEDED FIRST, PLEASE: A spiritual intuitive session. It helps us to remember each other.*****

$222, up to 75 minutes

Refer to the Contact tab to reach out.

Blessings to us all.

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