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About Iris

I Am someone incarnated as a witness for sentient life throughout many ages. In this life I have come to acknowledge that for many of us, living without our souls embodied is a lonesome, exiled state. We miss our souls; we miss Home.  I also have come to acknowledge that the paths to Home can be deceptive, certainly those paths that promise a life we crave but don't include the vast reservoirs of divine feminine consciousness.  The Divine She allows, remembers, restores and witnesses. In that witnessing is enormous power, the power to mirror our emergence as ensouled beings.


That is what I Am. It is what I offer in sessions. It is a state of beholding Source identity with and for another.  We long to see ourselves and to be seen. Collectively we have lost our way, yet the wisdom, love and power are returning so that we may live as and from very ancient states of consciousness. This is not future talk, it is an emergent reality. There are times when witnesses and those-who-hold space are needed for breakthroughs of consciousness.


I would describe myself as one who has courted connection with all sentient life. The courtship continues to this day, offering a path into the heart of humankind and nature. When I am truly connected, there is an interchange of life force, which acts as catalyst so that we might peer into and experience what is discovered. My gifts are inner-dimensional sight, sound, feeling and knowing. Personal experience, which has evolved into skilled service, includes human consciousness exploration, soul fragment recovery, inner child healing and extensive interface with and awareness of the Field via a highly refined intuition. I specialize in spiritual emergence by means of group process and one-on-one sessions.


I live on the Eastern seaboard with my feline friend, Selene. She has her own role to play in sessions!

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