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I really feel such a shift in mindset since last week…. on so many levels. The BQH helped me to break some patterns of thinking and behavior that I never would have anticipated, but now in hindsight seem so essential.

-Kathryn E.



Iris, a radiant flower with keen insight that broadens perspectives.  There are very few souls that can stand witness with you on the level of depth and integrity that Iris does.  She is the ever-present holder of light consciousness for us all.  I have been blessed to have her guide me to healings that have allowed me to recall my divine light in uniquity.  Iris reminds me that I am not alone in my journey.  She is a sister and wise woman elder whom I regard as beyond epic. A Healing with Iris is an honor to gift yourself. 

-Denise Hoagland

"I have been seeing Iris for years now, and her presence has been a deeply encouraging and nourishing presence in my life. In our sessions, either an intuitive session or a BQH, I have navigated through any and all of my darkest narratives about relationships, motherhood, family, and work and come out on the other side with clarity, relief, and more sovereignty.  Over the course of my life, I have seen many many therapists, body workers, healers, and intuitives, but Iris is unprecedented in her ability to see the core of who you are and guide you to the places you want to go. She is a sigh of relief for the soul, and I promise that even one session can have a profound impact. I have referred her to countless friends and family. She is simply good medicine. "

-Kerry D.

 "One session with Iris is like 30 sessions with someone else. She just gets you instantly, and she knows how to heal the places inside that need it the most. "

-Sami F. 

 "Iris. Wow. "

- Katherine B



"Iris, a divine presence, gracefully entered my life, guided by a celestial force. From the moment she arrived, I sensed her arrival was not a mere coincidence, but a sacred gift bestowed upon me.

In her ethereal presence, Iris serves as a conduit for my spiritual journey, inviting me to delve deep within myself. Through her gentle guidance, she reminds me that the answers I seek reside within my own being. She illuminates the dormant power, strength, wisdom, and boundless capacity for love that lie dormant within me.

In times of sorrow, heartache, and trauma, Iris becomes my solace, offering a sanctuary for healing. With her unwavering support, she celebrates my existence as if we are intertwined souls. Her presence instills hope, infuses me with confidence, and affirms that love possesses the miraculous ability to mend even the deepest wounds.

Our intuitive sessions transcend the constraints of time, extending far beyond the confines of an hour. I find myself immersed in the wisdom and guidance received, allowing it to permeate my being for weeks on end. This prolonged integration is made possible by Iris, who clears the path before me, enabling me to perceive with utmost clarity.

Iris, a miracle worker not only in this present lifetime but across past and parallel existences, is a divine blessing that continues to unfold its spiritual essence in my life.

I love you Iris."


 "I went into the session not knowing what to expect from an hour with a complete stranger. To my great surprise, talking to Iris was extraordinarily familiar and comforting. Iris has a very special gift for making people feel heard, held, and healed. I'm so grateful to have been referred to her."

-Grace H


 "Being someone who has never found the right fit, I was a bit discouraged when it came to working on my mental

health. Once introduced to Iris, I felt safe and connected to her spiritually. Through

our sessions I've been able to process and regulate my thoughts, feelings, and actions."

-H.G  (Hector)



I love Iris. She's so genuine and at the same time she's real. The world is not a good place right now, but talking to Iris has really made me feel like every little step I do; every little change I make in my life can make a difference. Small, but sometimes those small things can create the biggest impacts. 

She's opened up a different side of me. Still a work in progress, but so far so good. I love this new alter ego I have discovered. This creative wild side that has been wanting to break free for such a long time. I'm getting accustomed to it but it brings joy to my heart. 

She has made me feel very loved and heard. She has given good advice but has also called me out on my insecurities and self disparagement(s). She doesn't hold your hand, but guides you in the direction YOU want to go. 

- Josue I.



"Iris helped me identify the unhealed wounds from my past. We tapped in to my inner child from several different points of my life to acknowledge and mend. This practice has changed me in my adult self tremendously. I feel renewed from this self care… and equipped to listen to myself like never before. Iris had an approach that I would have never been able to do on my own. I am so grateful for my time with her." 

-Arum Rae 

Oh, Iris. These teachings of an inner child or young adult surfacing to seek light and healing have completely changed my life and my understanding of healing. I have you to thank for guiding me through this process. Your style of navigating the field and offering such wisdom has transformed my own offerings of intuitive work with others and I just cannot put into words the power of this reality. I love you. I love your teachers. You are the most soul filled mirror and my gratitude extends far beyond my fingers typing or my mind formulating this sentiment.



Original Design: I’ve been working with Iris for far longer than I ever anticipated initially, because I keep getting such profound results. I am an open minded person with a curious disposition and so I am often the type to try new things. All of Iris’ sessions have benefited me tremendously, and that is the fundamental truth. What has surprised me more than anything is that her different styles of sessions are so effective in different ways. I always have to wait a period of time to process the effects of sessions, and this one was no different.

The original design session we did had the effect of pulling my awareness out of an ethereal spider web. Looking back on it now I feel it did wonders to help me separate what is my true nature from a lot of really bad nurture that dug in like a tick from an early age. From a dysfunctional background like mine that is literally in the category of life-saving. What else does one need to say?

I can never thank Iris enough for her dedication, sweetness, and profound wisdom, but I will continue to try.



When I first met Iris, I was intrigued by her wit, dry sense of humor and her economical use of language to express complex ideas or situations. Her insights in regular or even brief conversations told me that she is not by any means just a gifted person with vision and wisdom, but rather a rare "one of a kind" person -- I felt a common understanding with her on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. Perhaps most important of all, I felt that Iris was someone I could trust and discuss pretty much any topic with her. That basic recognition and respect for her opened the door for me to having many sessions meeting with her. It is difficult for me to describe sessions with Iris (and I am a writer), but one word comes to mind: Fluid. Sessions with Iris are a conversation with her and your higher self. I would add that there are many "Ah-Ha" moments that typically arise hours or days later. If you want a session without judgement or opinion, and you'd like to go "down the rabbit hole" or ascend to the highest realms, I think Iris is the perfect companion for your journey. I have never met anyone so gifted who is sweet, yet strong. I consider myself lucky to have met her and know her as a trusted friend and advisor.



Iris has some of the most profoundly gentle and yet supportive energy I have ever had the pleasure to experience. Her wisdom is borne from authentic human experience, study and contemplation yet *also* from a direct connection to cosmic and expanded realms.

I have had the pleasure to sit with Iris (only via the Internet so far...) on multiple occasions for a variety of experiences. Each and every one has been memorable, valuable and incredibly healing.

Submitted with LOVE

-Candace Craw-Goldman

Anyone who intimately knows me, hears me reference Iris often. 6 years ago I moved back home to NJ from Hawaii where I had been living. Somehow I found myself in a room with Iris. She’s been traveling along side of me since that first session together, assisting as a spiritual doula through my many shifts and rebirths. Iris has been an integral part of my process, my blossoming and becoming. Never once has she inserted herself into my reality, projected her experience onto my own, or made me feel less then. I’ve had countless session with Iris and each has been a stepping stone, a cosmic clue, or a soul soother. We have worked in the field together in every session she offers; companion, intuitive, soul connection, and BQH. Each with its own profound signature, yet none have been as validating and eye-opening as our astrology work. She has offered me a tangible map of my soul’s chosen experience here on planet earth. One I can return to again and again. There’s no hiding from the stars. What makes Iris’ astrology session so unique and fulfilling is her gifts and abilities to merge the human with soul’s pure essence. I have grown so much from astrology sessions, often times confronted in the best way possible. The kind that cracks you open to your destiny. Iris is wise woman, a dear friend, and one of the most impactful people to ever grace my life, because she’s brought me back home to myself.

-Laurie DiBiagio, Owner, Sirena and the Sea


As an engineer and business executive, I have spent much of my life working in the concrete world. About 8 years ago I started learning about concepts of past--and future lives--and a stronger spiritual connection with the world. Iris has been one of my teachers, supporters, wise women in this process. In connecting with people in my current life and those who are no longer with us, I have not only solved some personal mysteries but I have also learned so much more about myself and my connections with others.

I feel blessed to have Iris in my life.



(On Beyond Quantum Healing): So the session we had has thus far in one week has allowed me to readily fall asleep peacefully every night but one for the last week or so, and usually it is the other way around. If I get one peaceful sleep a week that’s about normal. It has been more physiologically corrective than a massage, chiropractic treatment, or any single acupuncture treatment I’ve had, and I am an acupuncturist, so my ego doesn’t like saying that. My joints have been a rice crispy symphony (snap crackle pop) but not in the same old ways. Joints have literally shifted. Knots have unbound. I feel better in a number of ways.

I have been functioning in a more unified plane of consciousness, Too. The seeming differences between waking, dreaming, observing, interacting, are less divisive to me,, and as I observe them all much more clearly unified, my mind is sharper and clearer. I realize now that I have in fact gained more clarity in regards to every question I had for you. I see how each is an aspect of the others. They are all aspects of my one life, one journey, one aspiration. While not “Iris’s instant enlightenment” exactly, it is by far the most satisfying feeling I have had in a long time. I can’t quite explain it either, no matter how hard I try.

This is more akin to shaman stuff. The real variety. I always knew you had that. I remember being in session and feeling as if I was gyroscopically balanced. No matter how far out or what direction my mind went I was keenly aware of what distances and dimensions I had traversed and where I was within the experience. I was centered all the time. It was like taking a normal starship ride in my “ADHDish” personality but with the rooting, or perhaps bearings, I have previously struggled to find. It set me right. A lot of old debris has been shed, a lot of new clarity has emerged, and the new quests and questions of discovery are already coalescing within me.

I can not thank you enough for introducing me to this. I am healthier and stronger for it. You are truly a wonder in this world, and a very dear friend to me."



"Iris, I am so unbelievably happy that you were able to meet with me! Each day I am feeling so different and in such a positive way. Almost like I was missing a piece to be able to understand my true potential on this planet."

- Natalie


"I have been in "therapy" since I was a five year old girl. There have been many professionals who have tried to help me cope with the intense circumstances that surrounded me as a  young girl and into my adult life. I was drowning.....I couldn't keep my head above water, I was tired and ready to cave to the life it seemed I was destined to have. I prayed for help and the universe answered me........Iris came into my life 4-5 y ears ago and has changed me forever. I am a different person. I can cope with my anxiety, fears and childhood pain (some o which I didn't realize I needed to deal with).  I feel whole and safe with myself. I understand things I never thought I could. I am at peace with the trauma I experienced and it is unleashing me to live my best life and wow!!! It feels so amazing!!! Iris heard my soul and her pain and she made me deal with her. I'm forever grateful and will never forget what she did for me. Iris will remain a life partner for me. Some may never understand what she has done for me. But it has been a beautiful, enlightening journey. After many visits and a lot of hard work, Iris brought me back to life; she made me see the light inside me again. I love you Iris!!"

- Ashley F.


"Ever since my reading with you two weeks ago, my life has been dramatically changing. I feel like I have woken up, in the most significant way. I feel my whole life that something was missing and somehow you not only showed me what it was, but turns out this missing piece was the most amazing thing about myself. You shined light on this part of me, activating it, and I have been getting more and more in touch with this light. I feel more myself now than I ever have. My fears are dissolving, and I'm surprising myself with how comfortable I am doing things that used to terrify me. Now it seems my opportunities are limitless. Everything clicks and it feels nothing short of miraculous. I also feel this incredible connection with nature. We are one, and I know it and feel it. I feel so supported and so loved, most of all by myself, which is huge since I never knew what self love was. I could go on and on about this wonderful transformation and awakening. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I also love my flower essence, I know it is working because I dream of amethyst almost every single night . I'm sure I will see you soon. "

- Michelle


"Iris, I feel amazing since our session. All our sessions are pivotal to my growth, but this one really opened the flood gates. I am not the same and things make so much more sense. I also have not slept with the T.V. on once and we are fine! You are an integral part of my awakening and i am so grateful to have you guiding me through this journey. We were meant to work together. I adore, respect, and admire you in so many ways! You are a light in my world. Can't wait to see where this unfolding takes us next."

- Laurie


"Iris is the great connector. She connects to your soul, connects you to your deepest thoughts and desires, and connects you to Love. Iris not only invites you in, but keeps you close before, during, and after your reading. To read with Iris is to know you are holy, loved, and understood. Her beautiful gifts have helped me identify and bless parts of myself that I had been denying. Because of these connections she has facilitated within me, I feel like I can be more of my true self with all that is around me. Gratitude does not truly express how I feel about my experiences reading with Iris. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

- Caitlin M.


"How can I even begin to express the depth of gratitude for your session with me today? I was speechless for most of it, and whatever I might have uttered probably made little sense. But the experience felt like no less than a birth day. Like a birth into, an acknowledgement of, this body, this time, this breath, this mission. HOLY. Iris, what you have given me makes all of the struggle worth it. Beyond worth it. It fills me with the sense that I wouldn't want it any other way."

- Elizabeth D.


“When I first went to Iris I was in deep grief. I felt disconnected with life, people and myself. She asked, “ How long have you been going through this dark night of the soul”? She told me I was experiencing the death of the ego. Nothing helps while going through this process except a truly understanding soul human as Iris is. During my second visit she enabled me to access a core part of my being that had been buried and hiding for over thirty years. This was like finding water in a desert. There is something in Iris’s presence that facilitates one’s connection with their true inner self where all light and love prevail. Thank you Iris for being the gifted being that you are.”

- Eileen C.


"My experience was amazing!!! BQH with Iris was truly transformative, healing and educational. I learned how the past has affected my present, and how to move through and go forward into the future. Iris was loving in her approach to guiding me through this process. She has great follow up after the hypnosis portion, ensuring I left with a full understanding of my session. Iris encouraged me to listen to my recorded session, more was revealed!!! She follows up a few days later to clarify any questions, emotions arising, etc. I look forward to another session when the time is right."

- Beth R.


"I feel your centered voice listening and conveying truth to my Soul, Cells, Being, and Mind.'"

- Sanyassa S.

"Iris's presence and guidance have profoundly impacted my life and journey, allowing me to explore my truth and reach new levels of personal growth. I'm grateful for the transformative experience of working with her. Indeed, Iris's gifts are unique and unparalleled. Her ability to connect deeply, understand others, and offer valuable guidance sets her apart. She possesses a rare and special quality that greatly enhances the impact she has on people's lives and I am so honored to be able to share time with her and grow from her wisdom and care. She is a true gift and I appreciate all of her. "

- Shannon

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